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Integrated or Stand Alone Quality Bench Scales

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Reduce pick and pack times

Here at Spaceguard we are constantly being asked to aid in reducing pick and pack times, our customers are asking “how can we speed up our returns procedures?” “How can we speed up our packing times efficiently?”

By integrating the packing systems into your warehouse, from conveyors inwards, packing benches, weigh scales, computer systems, packing and redirecting onto outbound conveyors. We can help you.


Spaceguard is a well established manufacturing company in high demand from some of the largest retailers and distributors in the market, we pride ourselves on providing quality Scales, and Bench Scales along with quality customer service and providing technical support when setting up and maintaining your systems.


Spaceguard Ltd manufactures bespoke Packing Tables and Packing Systems, with Conveyors Systems, Integrated Bench Scales and Computers.


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Spaceguard Ltd

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